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Completely Organic, Ecofriendly, economical and bio-degradable

A powerful bio-insecticide, which is prepared by the debt oil, Neem Bid Cornel, is a green Bio pesticide that is completely Organic, Ecofriendly, economical and bio-degradable

Usage: It is squeaky to kill all green spotted larvae. It is also known as Hiloyothis, Spodoptera semilooper Tabaco catepillar, army Warm, Tee catepillar, Moth and Spider etc.

Available 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml per 15-20 pumps (16 liters of water)


Crops: Vegetables, soybeans, cotton tomatoes, peas, watermelon, pumpkin, bananas, papaya, Pomegranate, orange etc.


Keep away from food stuff, empty food stuff containers &animals food.

Avoid contact with mouth, eyes, & skin.

Avoid inhalation the spray mist.

Always spray in the direction of wind.

Wear full protective clothing while mixing & spraying.

Keep away from child.

Recommendation spray time is after 4pm.