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It is a new antifungal chemistry that comes from both the Pyrolostrobine and the Coconil Group.

It has sophisticated at oxides to crops, P.Q.Q 5%, P. T. Enzyme 4% Vitamin B-9 -20% is Certified.


Use; Sumuguard is P. Q.Q. mainly increase immune power of crops, Sumuguard is a powerful Preventive bio fungi destroyer. Reduces the power of diseases.
Use of SumoGuard helps to produce new leaves, flowers and fruits in large quantity.

Available: 100 ml, 250 ml, and 500 ml


Volume: 15ml per pump (16 liter)

Crops: All the fruit vegetables, spinach and pulses


It is one P.Q.Q. increase immune power

:Hydrolyzed proteins, amino acids, and Nutritious microorganisms are being used to form sumubion. No chemical substance is used in the formation of Sumubion.


Use: It is one P.Q.Q. increase immune power. Due to this effects of the disease are reduced.
It is used or vegetable as well as on the flower crops in garden.
It helps to protect crops from diseases and growth of crops.
It protects from the diseases like Leaf spot, Necrosis, powdery, and downy maldyu, Zulsa, dibbed, etc, Also it help to increase quantity of Flower and fruits on the crops. It growth is highly incredible.

Available 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 liter.


Volume: 30 ml per pump, 16 liters. .

Crops; Sumubion is used for rabi and Kharif season crops .Every kind of vegetable is used for fruit trees, soybean, cotton, chilies, tomatoes, Watanas, okra, watermelon, pumpkin, bananas, dodka, papaya, pineapple, orange etc.


It is fertilizers used for protection of vegetables. It is made from the seafood and extracted from trees.


It is fertilizers used for protection of vegetables. It is made from the seafood and extracted from trees. In contains different types of vitamins and processes to increase enzymes. Sumurich can be used through spraying or through drip irrigation to the crops. It protects and avoid fungi from attacks, in helps to growth. It helps to make crops healthy and increases production. Available in 50Grams, 1001Grams. Use: 5 Gram per Pump (16 Liter). Benefits: It can be used in all types of crops. Crops: Sugarcane, Gobi, Flower, Cotton, Grapes, Pomegranate, Soybean.


Available in 50Grams, 1001Grams.